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This Page is dedicated to those who have touched our lives and wait for us on the other side!
Max- March 22,2010 (15 yrs)
Max was a great sport about everything.  He was such a nice boy and only wanted to swim if he could have his toy in his mouth.  He would do everything else just because his dad asked him to.  He will be missed greatly by all but mostly I think by his dad as they had a very special bond and you couldnt help but see it.  Bless his heart.
SADIE- April 9,2010 (12 yrs)
Sadie was a joy to have in class. She just LOVED the massage portion of the class and you could tell she just hated it! She loved doing all the obstacles and was so easy to work with.  She loved the swimming and everyone enjoyed her in the class. She will be truely missed by all those she has touched with her loving and kind heart.