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My Dogs
Below you will find photos of my dogs performing a variety of services and work.   My dogs and business have also had pictures in the Barrons German Shepherd Dog Bible series and also picture of my business in the "Training Your Boxer"  Barron's Book by Joan Hustace Walker. I also have won several awards some of which are pictured as well as many certificates some which are pictured through out the website.
I have a book coming out that I was asked to write on February 1, 2018. Covers obedience training, aggression issues, body language and MUCH MUCH MORE. 
 : This photo was actually taken for my daughters class project, but I can do anything with this dog and she will not move! No she really isnt hurt! Just pretend!
public DemonstrationPublic Demonstration
Disaster Training
Water search
Halloween09In the BlindBite workBite workLucky at the beachLucky at the beach
Water searchshore searchrubble search
BieneBienebiene workingBiene working
biene workingEkkoStormyBayjaSuffolk Tornado Search
SearchingFOUND IT!
 : Home after a hard day of looking beautiful!Austin taking Junior Showman and Second in best of Breed
Playing with the waterWorking at a demo for search and recoveryplaying
Bayja after a hard day of searchingHome depot safety event demodemo that 3 legs dont stop himGetting some love from the crowdsHome depot safety eventlife is rough
Pictures of my dogs in the Barons German Shepherd BookPictures of my dogs in the Barons German Shepherd BookPictures of my dogs in the Barons German Shepherd BookSearchingTeachingSearching
taking a break from searchingFound something!!SearchingFound what I was looking for
helping Ground penetrating radar locate historical graveshelping Ground penetrating radar locate historical graves.....Biene takes his job and searches very seriously.....very hole has to be checked! lol Out doing a demo eventFire Training Center training2015